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Wireless Network Engineer

What Does Wireless Network Engineer Mean?

A wireless network engineer is an individual proficient in handling all tasks related to the setup, maintenance and troubleshooting of a wireless network. This applies to small residential wireless networks or larger and more complex commercial networks.


Techopedia Explains Wireless Network Engineer

Even the most rudimentary wireless networks present significant challenges, in terms of securing and maintaining correct access. A wireless network engineer handles any issue that involves wireless signals, routing or other aspects of network integrity. A wireless network engineer must remain continuously apprised of the structure and elements of a network topology to thoroughly handle wireless network issues.

For example, basic issues may relate to the calibration of a simple wireless router. This type of device provides security through encryption and may malfunction in ways that confound common users. A wireless network engineer is valuable in these and other situations where a wireless network is compromised.

A wireless network engineer often holds a computer science degree and/or certification in this field of technology.


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