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Forking Proxy Server

What Does Forking Proxy Server Mean?

A forking proxy server is a type of server that distributes SIP requests among various different user locations or SIP addresses. It enables branching or forking SIP requests in between different SIP locations/endpoints and sending the received responses from those locations/addresses/endpoints back to the device that initiated the request.


Techopedia Explains Forking Proxy Server

A forking proxy server is primarily used in SIP-based telephony solutions. IT works by examining each incoming SIP request and transferring it to various possible locations where the corresponding SIP user can be located. For example, an SIP request made from a remote user can result in receiving the SIP base call simultaneously on an SIP hard phone and SIP softphone. Processing this request takes help from an SIP-specific location server that records and maintains all SIP addresses or user locations. Once the user is located on any of the addresses or locations, the forking proxy server transmits the specific call/data/request to that location.


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