FTP Explorer

What Does FTP Explorer Mean?

FTP Explorer is a lightweight File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application especially designed for Windows that lets the user send and receive from FTP servers. Created to make the downloading and uploading of files easy, a FTP Explorer is similar to Windows File Explorer in layout, design and functionality, where files can be dragged dropped.


Techopedia Explains FTP Explorer

FTP Explorer is an FTP client application for Microsoft Windows initially developed in 1996 by Alan Chavis, founder of FTPx Corp. FTP Explorer allows the transfer of files (upload/download) to and from FTP servers directly to a website or PC. FTP Explorer is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Users of the FTP Client application must create an account the first time they log in. The application then connects to the server and the user can upload/download files through their account.


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