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General Algebraic Modeling System

What Does General Algebraic Modeling System Mean?

The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is a computer system that models mathematical operations. It is extremely useful in solving both linear and nonlinear types of equations, as well as various particular types of high-level problems.


Techopedia Explains General Algebraic Modeling System

As the General Algebraic Modeling System applies to the use of algorithms for mathematical operation, one essential principle is the identification of variables which are used to determine outcomes. In this way, GAMS is similar to a lot of other operations in traditional programming languages. For example, a GAMS model can show various alphanumeric names for variables, parameters, tables and the equations that determine model results. All of these things are identified through a particular syntax, and when prompted, the computer system outputs the results of the equations.

Much of the value of GAMS, according to many of those who use it, is the idea of letting human users focus on modeling and problem solving, by having a more pre-arranged or visual way to look at things like address calculations, storage issues and the general flow of data, for example, from one subroutine to another.


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