Anti-Glare Filter

What Does Anti-Glare Filter Mean?

Anti-glare filters are used to prevent light glare on screens. These filters are particularly helpful when a computer or TV screen is in close proximity to a window. The sunlight from the window would normally create a glare on the screen which would make it difficult to see. In such situations, anti-glare filters help by reducing the reflection of the light on the TV or computer screen.

Anti-glare filters are also known as glare filters, privacy filters and privacy screens.


Techopedia Explains Anti-Glare Filter

An anti-glare filter works by filtering out the light reflected from screens. The screen could be a flat-screen display, LCD or a computer monitor. They further help by enhancing the privacy by decreasing the viewing angle of monitor. Thus, the screen cannot be viewed from the side. Screens with anti-glare filters are thus also called privacy screens. The standard anti-glare filters make use of a coating that works by reducing the reflection from plastic or glass surface, thus reducing glare.



Glare Filter, Privacy Filter, Privacy Screen

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