What Does Glueware Mean?

Glueware is a software solution or platform that is designed to seamlessly integrate disparate and decentralized software solutions and systems with related resources. Glueware enables the integrated operations of different systems, regardless of their developer/vendor, version or type.


Techopedia Explains Glueware

Glueware is generally built on open Internet standards that support many different technologies and communication protocols. All of the inter- and intra-application communication and processing is done through the Internet. Glueware enables real-time collaboration of local applications and Web services, and automates their processes. For example, an organization might have different software systems for accounting, payroll and Web services. Glueware essentially “glues” all of them together so that each of the different systems can communicate and interact with each other, therefore working as an integrated system.

Glueware also refers to unified computing and communication systems that are bundled or glued together within a single solution.


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