What Does Greenware Mean?

Greenware is a software license that provides users access to a program or its source code in exchange for an environmentally friendly effort, such as recycling, replacing standard lightbulbs with energy saving ones or switching to recycled computer paper.


The greenware term also refers to computer hardware, software and services designed to operate with less environmental impact. Greenware® is the branded name of Fabri-Kal’s line of plant-based packaging geared toward consumers.

Techopedia Explains Greenware

As governmental and international groups continue to promote sustainability and ecology, many businesses are attempting to promote green behaviors through greenware strategies. This may include a contract that requires a user to commit to various activities, like using low-energy products or otherwise promoting good ecology.

In greenware sold without these obligations, there is often an assumption that the software will help the user improve the environment while saving money. This combined incentive is a big part of current and future green business philosophies, whereas previous green programs may have operated according to the idea that environmental best practices involved financial sacrifice.


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