Help Desk Operator

What Does Help Desk Operator Mean?

A help desk operator is an individual who is assigned the duty of helping people figure out issues related to computers, technology and various other systems. The job is vast in scope and is not limited to the use of computers only, but it can also include everyday devices such as TVs, printers or mobile phones, depending on the nature of the company the operator is working for.


Techopedia Explains Help Desk Operator

A help desk operator plays an important role in any organization. The operator is responsible for offering help to clients, employees and other individuals directly or indirectly associated with the organization in using technology or information systems. The help desk operator is always present to guide one through any technical challenge with or without being physically present on location. These days, usually help desk operators can be reached in any organization using an exchange, and they can walk one through steps via telephone. Help desk operators are technically skillful people having good troubleshooting expertise.


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