Console Game

What Does Console Game Mean?

A console game is a type of interactive multimedia software that uses a video game console to provide an interactive multimedia experience via a television of other display device. The game console generally consists of a handheld control device (although some use cameras to monitor user movements) and a computer that runs the game's software.


A console game is also known as video game.

Techopedia Explains Console Game

Console game media can come in the form of a disk, which is inserted into the game console, although the latest game consoles download game content directly from the internet to built-in storage devices. From the 1970s to the mid-'90s, most game consoles used cartridges, which stored the game's programming on integrated circuits.

Console games may also be played on specialized computers, which may be referred to as game consoles. Using audio-video output devices, video and sound are controlled by players' interactions with game characters through handheld controllers.


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