Digital Illustration

What Does Digital Illustration Mean?

Digital illustration involves the use of digital tools to generate art directly from the artist’s hand, through an interface that translates that movement into a digital display. Many of these tools involve using a stylus to draw on a digital canvas.


Techopedia Explains Digital Illustration

Artists may transfer from a method of drawing directly on paper, to drawing on a digital canvas or pad. The difference is that the information is captured digitally, and filtered directly into the digital illustration interface.

Types of digital illustration tools include bitmap graphics tools and vector graphics applications. Bitmaps specify the exact color of each pixel in a linear and column format. Vector graphics rely on algorithms and mathematical formulas to render a display.

Tablets sometimes come with a stylus and digital illustration tools. Users can load specific applications onto tablets to facilitate digital illustration. Other tools are made for a Macintosh computer environment, which is traditionally a favorite hardware platform for illustrators and graphic designers.


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