Integrated Software

What Does Integrated Software Mean?

Integrated software is a collection of software especially created to work on closely related programs. These are used in personal computers where the most commonly used and most similar programs are grouped together in one application in the form of a suite. One of the most well-known examples of an integrated software suite is Microsoft Office, which comprises programs used in an office environment.


Integrated software is also known as an integrated software package.

Techopedia Explains Integrated Software

Integrated software is largely believed to be only office software, but that is not the case. Industrial management software and databases fall into the category of integrated software, where the output from various programs are closely related and can be embedded into each other with similar environments. Computing has been revolutionized using integrated software due to the fact that software is interconnected with little or no chance of information error because files can be imported with no need for conversion and no clash of formats.

Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office or Star Office are some examples of integrated software where the output of programs such as a spreadsheet or graphics program can be shared amongst applications.


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