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What Does IntelliJ IDEA Mean?

IntelliJ IDEA is a special
programming environment or integrated development environment (IDE) largely meant
for Java. This environment is used especially for the development of programs.
It is developed by a company called JetBrains, which was formally called
IntelliJ. It is available in two editions: the Community Edition which is
licensed by Apache 2.0, and a commercial edition known as the Ultimate Edition.
Both of them can be used for creating software which can be sold. What makes
IntelliJ IDEA so different from its counterparts is its ease of use,
flexibility and its solid design.


Techopedia Explains IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA was developed by JetBrains, formerly
known as IntelliJ. It was first released in 2001, and it boasted features like advanced code navigation and the ability to
refactor codes, which made it very popular. It even received the distinction of being voted the best programming tool
based on Java in 2010, sidelining established tools like NetBeans, Eclipse and
JDeveloper. The open-source development environment for Android released by
Google in 2014 is also based on IntelliJ IDEA. The IDE supports many other
programming languages such as Python, Lua and Scala.

The biggest reason it
is regarded as one of the best programming tools based on Java is its assistance
features, which makes it easy to use and makes the programs created by it very
well designed. It also has advanced error checking features which allows
faster and easier error checking.


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