What Does Broadband Mean?

Broadband is a high-data-rate connection to the Internet. The technology gets its name as a result of the wide band of frequencies that isavailable for information transmission. Information can be multiplexed and sent on numerous channels, allowingmore information to be transmitted at a given time.


The standard broadband technology in most areas is cable Internet and assymetric digital subscriber line (ADSL). The latest technologies are very-high-bitrate DSL and optical fiber connections.

Broadband is also known as wideband.

Techopedia Explains Broadband

Broadband allows users to access the Internet and its related services at higher speeds than those available through dial-up Internet access services. The speeds differ based on the type and level of services offered. Broadband services deployed for residential consumers provide faster downstream speeds than upstream speeds.

There are two groups of broadband technologies: fixed-line broadband and wireless technologies. Fixed-line solutions communicate through physical networks that provide direct wired connection from customer to service supplier. Wireless solutions, on the other hand, use radio or microwave frequencies to provide connections between operator and customer networks.


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