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Knowledge Engineer

What Does Knowledge Engineer Mean?

A knowledge engineer is a professional engaged in the science of building advanced logic into computer systems in order to try to simulate human decision-making and high-level cognitive tasks. A knowledge engineer supplies some or all of the "knowledge" that is eventually built into the technology.


Techopedia Explains Knowledge Engineer

One principle in knowledge engineering is the transfer principle. This method involves transferring human logic and knowledge into a technology. Over time, this principle has given way to a more popular model principle, which involves the simulation of human knowledge rather than its direct transfer from human to machine.

As a specific kind of artificial intelligence project, knowledge engineering relies on a few key factors. One is a large enough repository of data to work from. Another is a complex system of algorithms that can simulate human decision-making on critical problems. Knowledge engineering is useful in decision support software projects, geographical information systems, and other new technologies that analyze data toward some higher socio-cognitive goal.


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