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Key Telephone System

What Does Key Telephone System Mean?

In enterprise IT, a key telephone system (KTS) is a telecommunications system that converts a single public switched telephone network (PSTN) line into an array of internal business lines. This basic phone system allows users to use various internal lines from a single telephone desktop set.


Techopedia Explains Key Telephone System

The KTS is often compared to the private branch exchange (PBX) system, which is more complex and sophisticated. In a PBX system, phone trunking allows for one central line to be split into various business lines within a building. Moreover, a PBX system can function as a switch, whereas a KTS cannot; the latter is most often used by companies that do not need a lot of multiline functionalities and features in their internal telephone systems. For example, telecommunications experts may recommend less than 30 users for a company’s KTS solution. A KTS can be used with a telephone handset display to provide additional functionalities and features, such as call waiting or caller ID, for the workplace.


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