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LAN-Free Backup

What Does LAN-Free Backup Mean?

LAN-free backup refers to a backup process through which the system or server backup data is sent directly to a physically attached storage device rather than transferring it over the LAN. It is a data backup process that enables sending backup data quickly to the backup storage facility and to eliminate congestion over local network.


Techopedia Explains LAN-Free Backup

LAN-free backup is primarily a backup storage architecture that aims to automate the backup process without affecting the LAN’s performance. Typically, LAN-free backup is performed through the backup server and requires it to be attached directly to a storage server or facility. The storage server can be network attached storage (NAS), storage area network (SAN), RAID or a similar storage device. Moreover, the LAN-free backup can also be implemented without the backup server by using a virtual tape library based storage system.


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