Converged Application Platform

What Does Converged Application Platform Mean?

A converged application platform (CAP) is a structure in which all the data services in a cloud environment are packaged into one optimized computing service. CAP aims to bridge all the different cloud services in order to reduce fragmentation and increase interoperability. The convergence of devices and software platforms in cloud computing will make the CAP the management center of all modern applications.


Techopedia Explains Converged Application Platform

CAP provides many services through its combined architectural strategy, which converges servers, storage devices and networks into a single framework. This benefits mostly business entities because the CAP structure will help them reach the ideals they have set for their businesses and will transform the economics of running a data center into one that is cloud-ready. It also decreases the complexity for the end users because the hardware is pre-integrated and the required software applications are made available from a single source.

As of 2013, the Ubuntu OS that runs on mobile phones is not an embedded OS, but a full UNIX OS that also runs with servers and desktop PCs. It’s just that it’s converged into the device. Apple and Google are also planning to use the same framework.


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