Cumulative Incremental Backup

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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Definition - What does Cumulative Incremental Backup mean?

Cumulative incremental backup is a data backup process that saves data files and objects that have been modified since the last complete or archival backup. It is a data backup technique that only updates modified data rather than the complete data.

Techopedia explains Cumulative Incremental Backup

Cumulative incremental backup is primarily a form of incremental backup other than differential incremental backup. Cumulative incremental backup works through backup software that has the ability to identify and maintain versions of data objects. Before initiating an incremental backup, the backup software looks for the last Level 0 incremental backup. If the last backup is also an incremental backup, it will record only changes made to the previous changes. This makes the backup process much leaner and quicker than the differential backup.

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