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Linux PC

What Does Linux PC Mean?

A Linux PC is a personal computer that comes pre-installed with the open-source Linux operating system (OS). Although this OS is not a popular choice as a desktop OS among non-technical end users, it is a favorite among highly technical users, who are sometimes called “tinkerers,” who use it not only in their personal computers but also in servers or as part of a large hardware infrastructure.


Techopedia Explains Linux PC

Although Microsoft Windows is generally seen as the “standard” operating system on PCs, the Linux operating system is another option. The Linux OS, which is a Unix-like OS created by Linus Torvalds and first released in 1991, is the most popular operating system for server administration.

Because of its open-source license, Linux is freely available to install on computers. It is not, however, a favorite among average computer users, who do not find it to be user friendly. Linux OS is more the province of the more technically minded users such as hackers


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