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Data Infrastructure Hygiene

What Does Data Infrastructure Hygiene Mean?

Data infrastructure hygiene is the process of protecting, preserving and optimizing data infrastructure for resiliency with superior performance. It incorporates all organizational measures applied to ensure the integrity and health of a data infrastructure.


Data infrastructure hygiene is also known as data hygiene.

Techopedia Explains Data Infrastructure Hygiene

Data infrastructure hygiene applies to all facets of an IT Infrastructure that stores, processes, manages and monitors data in any format, including servers, software, hardware, networks and other connected devices. The primary objective of data infrastructure hygiene is to reduce overall operational and maintenance costs related to data infrastructure, while retaining data that is essential to an organization.

Data infrastructure hygiene includes email archiving, data archiving, data orchestration, data deduplication and other data management processes, which help organize data and improve data access and archiving methodologies, ultimately leading to improved data infrastructure health.


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