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Differential Incremental Backup

What Does Differential Incremental Backup Mean?

Differential incremental backup is a data backup process that backs up data files and objects that have been modified since the last Level 1 incremental backup. It is a backup technique that only backs up modified data since the last incremental backup, rather than the complete data sets.


Techopedia Explains Differential Incremental Backup

Differential incremental backup primarily helps in optimizing the backup process by selectively backing up data. It is a type of incremental backup technique that works after a Level 0 incremental backup has already been performed. Typically, differential incremental backup works through data backup software that has the ability to record and maintain versions of each data object. Before initiating an incremental or data backup, the backup software will look for a Level 1 backup. If there is no Level 1 backup, the software initiates backup from the Level 0 backup. For example, if an incremental backup is performed on a daily basis, differential incremental backup will back up the modified data since the last day’s backup.


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