Machine Code (MC)

What Does Machine Code (MC)?

Machine code (MC) is the executable instruction code provided by all running computer system programs and applications. MC language is a low-level code interpreted and converted from high-level source code and understood only by the machine. Machine code is transported to the system processor when a specific task, application or program executes even the smallest process.


Machine code is also known as machine language (ML).

Techopedia Machine Code (MC)

Writing a software program requires a specific language code. High-level programming language compilers, such as C++, are used to capture integrated development environment source code, which is compiled and executed to produce the code’s outcome.

Compilers and interpreters must gain access to machine code at the hardware level, while using processor registers for necessary calculations. Thus, an interpreter converts written and executable source code into machine code, thereby delivering instructions in the system’s native or understandable language.


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