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Magnetic Field

What Does Magnetic Field Mean?

A magnetic field is an area which is under the influence of a magnetic charge. A magnetic field, like an electric field, is due to the polar nature of electric or magnetic charges. Poles are oriented in north and south directions, and a magnetic field’s strength depends on the strength of the magnet that is creating it. Magnetic fields are a basic principle behind countless appliances and modern-day gadgets.


Techopedia Explains Magnetic Field

A magnetic field can be generated in two ways: either around a magnet or in the vicinity of a moving electric field (when electric charge carriers such as electrons move through space or within an electrical conductor). Magnetic and electric fields interact differently depending on the environment into which they are placed.

An object placed in a magnetic field experiences a force which depends on its orientation within the field. Properties of a magnetic field are rendered in electromagnetism, which is the basis of technological advancements such as bullet trains, elevators, escalators and cathode-ray tube televisions.


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