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Male Connector

What Does Male Connector Mean?

A male connector is a type of connector with one or more uncovered or exposed pieces of conductor which can be inserted into a female connector to ensure a physical connection. A male connector is also called a plug, and it is used for establishing an electrical or data connection between two devices.


Techopedia Explains Male Connector

A male connector can be fitted inside a female connector which has one or more holes. A way to identify a male connector is its exposed conductor when disconnected. Male connectors are designed in such a way as to ensure an electrical and physical connection.

The most common example of a male conductor is two- or three-prong plug at the end of an electrical cord. Coaxial cables also have a pinned end which can be fixed into a hole present on the jack or another cable for joining. Common computer serial and parallel cables can also have male connectors.


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