What Does Meatware?

Meatware refers to the human element within a computer system. Along with hardware and software, meatware, or a human, is required to operate a computer system.


Meatware is also known as wetware or liveware.

Techopedia Meatware

Meatware refers to human entities that operate or use a computer for any computing process. Programmers, designers, server administrators and end-users are all types of meatware. The term is conceptually used to define the human side of a computer and reflects the computer’s dependence on something much more organic – humans.

Technologies such as human computer interaction (HCI), user experience design (Uxd) and biometrics are all based around an element of meatware. The physical and psychological attributes of meatware also aid in designing solutions such as finger print readers, robotics, Web applications and more.


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