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Mechanical Mouse

What Does Mechanical Mouse Mean?

A mechanical mouse is a computer hardware input device comprised of a metal or rubber ball in its underside. Moving the mouse causes the ball to roll, and sensors inside the mouse detect the movement of the ball and consequently send signals to the cursor on the screen. The mechanical mouse has largely been replaced by the optical mouse.


A mechanical mouse is also known as a ball mouse.

Techopedia Explains Mechanical Mouse

A mechanical mouse makes use of the motion of a ball inside it, which is connected to two wheels placed perpendicular to each other. These wheels are responsible for left/right and up/down movement detection of the ball, and hence send the corresponding motions to cursor on the screen.

The mechanical mouse became a nearly universal tool for computer interaction in the 1980s, and continued to be dominant through the 1990s. The mechanical mouse is now largely considered obsolete, replaced by the lightweight and low-cost optical mouse. They are similar in shape and function, but instead of the ball, they rely on optical sensors, which tend to be more reliable.


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