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What Does Menu Mean?

A menu is a graphical control element used in graphical user interfaces. It lists options or commands for the user to select in order to execute the proper application function. Menus are a common feature of operating systems, software applications and Web-based applications. They help in enhancing the visual presentation, organization and categorization of the contents presented to the user.


Techopedia Explains Menu

A menu provides the user with various options or selections for accessing features. Compared to other interfaces, they are easier to operate for users. They are organized and allow navigation through the different levels of the structure. Menus can also be structured into sub-menus. Often the item in the menu is selected by highlighting it with the help of the keyboard, mouse, joystick or other input devices. Menus can be implemented in many ways, such as text-based menus, pull-down menus, pop-up menus, context-based menus or even based on a combination or text and symbols.

Menu-driven applications are generally considered to be more user friendly. They are more flexible and provide users a more natural way to interact. All the possible selections are presented to the user and the user need not memorize options.


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