What Does Microcell Mean?

A microcell is a device in a cellular network that is linked to a tower and is used to enhance or extend the signal strength in a certain small area, often a public place. Different mobile network companies have different ranges of microcells attached to the towers, and the range can be controlled by varying the power supplied.


Techopedia Explains Microcell

A microcell provides a small range of coverage for a cellular network in public places such as airports, malls and other crowded places where more people are connected to a single tower or within a single cell.

As opposed to a macrocell, a microcell provides a small region of coverage with a strong signal strength for more devices to connect or where service is poor or non-existent. The range of a microcell is a few hundred meters, and it is controlled by the tower by changing the voltage value. High density areas are served by placing more cells in the region to optimize capacity.


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