Microsoft Basic

What Does Microsoft Basic Mean?

Microsoft Basic (MS-BASIC) is Microsoft’s first product, released in 1975 by Microsoft’s cofounders, Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Microsoft Basic was a high-level programming language that helped developers create programs on Altair 8800 microcomputers. It was succeeded by Visual Basic and Small Basic, and is now considered obsolete.


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Microsoft Basic was a primary programming language with a number of versions, such as Altair Basic, Applesoft Basic and Amiga Basic. Altair Basic, which was the first, was delivered on paper tape and its original version had 4 KB of memory, which was later changed to 8 KB and then generalized into BASIC-80 (8080/85, Z80), and ported into BASIC-68 (6800), BASIC-69 (6809), and MOS Technology 6502-BASIC. Early computers had no ROM, and hence Visual Basic was ideal for such devices. It required no code editor, disk memory or linking, and therefore saved space and memory.


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