Microsoft Network

What Does Microsoft Network Mean?

The Microsoft Network (MSN) is a collection of Web applications and online content services. MSN offers free downloads of various software and suites, blog hosting to share experiences and discuss issues, tips and tricks regarding the use of apps, and legal information about various software. Moreover, the website offers "Community Services" consisting of newsgroups, forums, and chat.


Techopedia Explains Microsoft Network

The Microsoft Network began as a subscription-based service portal with the release of Windows 95, but the system was converted in 1996 to the website. The website was initially created for providing software and protocols for its applications, but later with the shift of standardization of Internet protocol, the website was converted for offering standard World Wide Web applications such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. News on a variety of topics, weather and search services can all be accessed through MSN.

The Microsoft Network should not be confused with Microsoft Networking, which is the networking of Microsoft subsystems.


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