Moire Pattern

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What Does Moire Pattern Mean?

A moire pattern is an interference pattern that is sometimes produced in digital images, particularly
when a printed image is scanned. Two patterns of
circles or lines overlap along with sketchy alignments, and light
and dim lines are produced. The pattern is formed when two similar patterns on
a flat or curved surface are overlaid while rotated a small amount from one


A moire pattern is also known as a moire effect.

Techopedia Explains Moire Pattern

Moire patterns are often addressed as an undesired artifact of visuals formed by numerous digital visuals, along with computer animation. In fact, the word “moire” is defined as unreasonably prominent patterns. Moire patterns may be easily spotted on scanning images from printed material like magazines. On viewing the image through a magnifier, it can be seen that the printed images are composed of small dots. These dots cause optical abnormalities in the scanned image, resulting in the moire pattern.


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