Mini SQL

What Does Mini SQL Mean?

Mini SQL (mSQL) is a lightweight database management system (DBMS) created by Huges Technologies as a memory-efficient, portable and performance-efficient option for enterprises and data houses. Initially developed and introduced in 1994, three versions of mSQL have been released. Its improved engine is suitable for both large- and small-scale databases and applications that require a small-level storage solution.


Techopedia Explains Mini SQL

Mini SQL is a lightweight SQL database engine technology. It is now largely replaced by MySQL, which has similar functionality. MSQL is now not as visible as MySQL because most of the companies license the software for organizational use, hence the individual users do not get the software directly for use. Mini SQL is still available as free software for non-commercial, non-profit organizations and educational and research purposes. Several companies like Cisco, HP, General Electric and Real Networks have incorporated the use of mSQL with their applications.


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