MERA VoIP Key System

What Does MERA VoIP Key System Mean?

The MERA VoIP key system (MVKS) is an LAN-based private branch exchange developed by MERA Systems Inc. and built mainly for small- to medium-sized enterprises. MVKS also provides large conglomerates with various satellite facilities and office services. The system provides interoperability with several other existing network systems.


Techopedia Explains MERA VoIP Key System

The MERA VoIP key system was designed to ensure an easy, quick and money-saving transition to IP telephony. MVKS is a softswitch that combines conventional private automatic branch exchanges (PABX) into a structured corporate communications system that includes a common numbering system and a wide range of enhanced features.

MVKS is interoperable with customer telecommunications equipment and supports standard industry protocols H.323 and Session Initiation Protocol.

Some of the important advantages of MVKS include:

  • It facilitates growth in the number of new subscribers and offices serviced by the system.
  • It integrates the network into a single structure for both data and voice.
  • It provides a complete set of common PABX services for distant branches.
  • It offers free telecommunication between company offices and branches.
  • It reduces long-distance and international long-distance call costs.
  • It provides better performance and quality of service.
  • It provides information about direct operating costs.

MERA Systems is a key contributor in the field of VoIP switching solutions and information security systems for carriers and service providers. In 2010, the company changed its name to ALOE Systems Inc.


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