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Netscape Communicator

What Does Netscape Communicator Mean?

Netscape Communicator is a suite of Internet applications designed by Netscape and released in 1997. Netscape Communicator included:

  • Netscape Navigator
  • Netscape Messenger
  • Netscape Collabra
  • Netscape Address Book
  • Netscape Composer
  • Netscape Netcaster
  • Netscape Conference
  • Netscape Calendar

Besides updates, Netscape Communicator proved to be one of the last major products that Netscape released as a stand-alone company.

Techopedia Explains Netscape Communicator

Netscape Navigator was the dominant Web browser before Windows began bundling Internet Explorer with the Windows OS. Netscape had an early lead in innovation, but both IE and Navigator got caught up in an arms race of features and updates. By the time Communicator came out, the browsers were approximately even. AOL purchased Netscape in 1998, eventually discontinuing the browser business altogether. However, the remains of Netscape Navigator went on to become part of the Mozilla open-source project, leading to the Firefox browsers.


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