Network Administration

What Does Network Administration Mean?

Network administration involves a wide array of operational tasks that help a network to run smoothly and efficiently. Without network administration, it would be difficult for all but the smallest networks to maintain network operations.


The main tasks associated with network administration include:

  • Design, installation and evaluation of the network
  • Execution and administration of regular backups
  • Creation of precise technical documentation, such as network diagrams, network cabling documents, etc.
  • Provision for precise authentication to access network resources
  • Provision for troubleshooting assistance
  • Administration of network security, including intrusion detection

Techopedia Explains Network Administration

The exact definition of “network administration” is hard to pin down. In a larger enterprise, it would more often be strictly related to the actual network. Specifically, this would include the management and maintenance of switches, routers, firewalls, VPN gateways, etc. In smaller companies, the network admin is often a jack-of-all trades and involved in the configuration of databases, installation, maintenance and upgrading of software, management of user accounts and security groups, desktop support, and sometimes even basic software development.


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