What Does Nodezilla Mean?

Nodezilla is the name of an Internet-based peer-to-peer network that offers secure, distributed and persistent services to its users. It serves as a link of distributed services built on top of a routing network created on the Internet. Services supported by Nodezilla include anonymous file sharing, hierarchical multimedia streaming and digital photo sharing. The main features of the Nodezilla network are fast access, security, redundancy and anonymity.


Nodezilla is often called “The Grid.”

Techopedia Explains Nodezilla

The core of Nodezilla, known as Network Agent, is written in C++; the client is written in Java and provides a GUI for various services. The clients in Nodezilla are called Nodezilla nodes. The Nodezilla client runs on any platform that supports Java, but only the Nodezilla Network Agent is CPU dependent. Nodezilla clients can connect to a distant node, providing all machines with full access to the Nodezilla network. The client can also be operated remotely, providing its users with the ability to download directly to a remote machine.

Nodezilla maintains a cache service to ensure the speed and redundancy of its services and augment persistent sharing.

The way the file-sharing service is implemented over Nodezilla’s distributed router also allows downloading at a very high rate, as of the parts of the requested file come from numerous nodes. This requires some storage space, which is provided by each Nodezilla user.

Nodezilla also uses a system of credits to discourage freeloaders. A minimum number of credits is required to download a given file. The credits available are determined by the disk space a user provides to the Nodezilla service to store cached blocks and the running time of the user’s node, among other things.

Cryptography is a very important part of Nodezilla’s services. From communication between nodes to object identification and signatures, all important data is encrypted and signed using cryptography algorithms and cryptographic certificates. In addition, Nodezilla does not use usernames, identifiers, or file names in order to preserve user anonymity.


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