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OR Gate

What Does OR Gate Mean?

An OR gate is a logical gate that produces inclusive disjunction. The function of an OR gate is to find the maximum between the inputs which are binary in nature. It is one of the basic gates used in Boolean algebra and electronic circuits like transistor-transistor logic, and complementary metal-oxide semiconductors make use of it.


Techopedia Explains OR Gate

An OR gate consists of one or more inputs, but with only a single output. Output of an OR gate is true (or 1) if at least one of the inputs are true or 1. In other words, unless all inputs are 0, the output of the OR gate is always 1. An OR gate functions complementary to an AND gate, with the latter finding the minimum of the binary inputs and the former finding the maximum between the binary inputs. Logical OR gates are represented by a shape which show the logical operation of the OR gate.

Like other logical gates, an OR gate can be constructed by making use of NAND or NOR gates.

OR gates are available in transistor-transistor logic and complementary metal-oxide semiconductors. OR gates are used in applications and circuits where multiple sources of power are available to do the same action. The great advantage in using OR gates in such circuits is that multiple signals can connect to the output without having any impact on the other outcomes.


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