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Voice Over Wireless IP

What Does Voice Over Wireless IP Mean?

Voice over wireless Internet Protocol (VoWIP) is the method of delivery of voice communication performed over Internet Protocols [IP] networks. VoWIP enables telephony and communication services on an IP-based wireless network. VoWIP is generally implemented in smaller wireless networks such as a wireless local area network (WLAN).


Techopedia Explains Voice Over Wireless IP

VoWIP is primarily delivered by using Wi-Fi networks as the core communication medium. It works similar to Vice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on a wired network, but provides the flexibility of communicating anywhere within the range of the wireless network. Typically, VoWIP is enabled through VoIP phones which can access wireless signals. Users equipped with a VoIP phone and connected to the wireless network can initiate and receive voice calls. VoWi-Fi is a popular implementation of VoWIP that utilize Wi-Fi networks for voice communication and telephony.


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