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What Does Postcardware Mean?

Postcardware is a particular type of software with a licensing agreement that requires the user to send the creator a postcard as a licensing process. This type of software license bridges the gap between freeware, where the user is not required to do anything, and traditionally licensed software that includes licensing fees.


Postcardware is also known as cardware.

Techopedia Explains Postcardware

In many cases, postcardware agreements are done on an honor system. In fact, because of practicality, rules for postcardware licensing are rarely enforced. Some creators of postcardware software even state in the licensing agreement that sending a postcard is not mandatory but elective.

Software creators may include a postcardware license agreement just in order to convince users to acknowledge their creation of the software. Setting up postcardware can also be a way for creators to know when people are using the software. This type of license can also help to “humanize” the process of sharing technology.


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