Power Macintosh

What Does Power Macintosh Mean?

The Power Macintosh (Power Mac) represents a high-end lineup of Apple workstation computers designed for enterprise users. They were discontinued and replaced with the Apple Mac Pro lineup in 2006. When they were available on the market, they represented the cream of the crop and were usually the most pricey Macs available.


Power Macintosh computers were based on the PowerPC microprocessors and sold from March 1994 to May 1998. Their actual retirement was announced in 2006 at the Worldwide Developers Conference as the Mac Pro was being introduced to the market.

Techopedia Explains Power Macintosh

A wide range of systems was released as part of the Power Mac lineup. Although most fell into the workstation, business and enterprise usage, there were also some that were geared for consumers and educators.

Apple also released a series of Macs – called the G3, G4 and G5 – that were part of the Power Mac lineup and had a wide range of designs. One of them was called the G4 Cube, and it was one of the the most mathematically-aligned and formless Macs ever released. The Cube was just as its name implied, a computer consisting of a square cube with a protective cube surrounding it. It also ran without making a sound as it didn’t include a fan.


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