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What Does Print Queue Mean?

A print queue is a list of printer output jobs held in a reserved memory area. It maintains the most current status of all active and pending print jobs.


Techopedia Explains Print Queue

A print queue gives users printer management capabilities to facilitate control of print queue operations like pausing, resuming or canceling jobs. Some print queues allow users to prioritize print jobs and change the order of a queue.

A print queue generally displays the following information:

  • Document name: Shows the file name of the print job
  • Status: Indicates the status of the print job
  • Owner: Shows the user, which is helpful in a shared network printing environment
  • Pages: Shows the total number of printed pages
  • Size: Shows the printed document size, usually in KB
  • Submitted: Shows the date and timestamp of a pending or printed document
  • Port: Shows the printer port

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Margaret Rouse
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