Moving Picture Experts Group

What Does Moving Picture Experts Group Mean?

The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is the family of standards and file formats which are used in digital video.


MPEG was developed by the working group formed by IEC and ISO, which is also known as moving picture experts group. Because of the various sophisticated compression techniques used, MPEGs, when compared to most audio and video formats, are smaller in size and more or less of same quality.

Techopedia Explains Moving Picture Experts Group

MPEG is a popular file format for audio and video.

For broadcasting applications with limited resources, MPEG is one of the best options as it allows streaming high quality video on platforms like the Internet. The file format is supported by most electronic products and can be played using software like Windows Media Player, Cyberlink PowerDVD, Apple Quick Time Player, etc.

MPEG Features:

  • Compared to most formats, are smaller in size.
  • Sophisticated compression techniques.
  • Compared to most formats, superior audio and video quality.
  • Major standards are: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG3, MPEG4, and MPEG7 MPEG21.
  • Many simple, cheap decoders.
  • Supported by all popular browsers.
  • Both a non-commercial and cross-bros
  • High image resolution and multi-channel sound technique.
  • Uses asymmetric compression methodology.

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