Motion Picture Experts Group-21

What Does Motion Picture Experts Group-21 Mean?

Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG)-21 (MPEG-21) is a standard for multimedia usage and delivery. MPEG-21 is a cohesive scheme that brings together and defines the multiple resources required for media network and device development. Resource solutions are suggested in the MPEG-21 scheme, in the event of gaps in development.


MPEG-21 is also known as ISO 21000.

Techopedia Explains Motion Picture Experts Group-21

MPEG-21 helps provide a cohesive set of standards for technical multimedia operation and development and is geared toward resources that are offered, modified, sold, consumed, delivered, regulated or facilitated, including audio, video and images.

Additionally, MPEG-21 provides a new type of business model for the distribution and trading of digital content. MPEG-21 is generally developed for content users but is also used to protect the creative works of copyright owners, while facilitating the availability of digital assets to many types of users.

MPEG-21 framework objects are digital and distributed units, and a digital object is structured and applied to MPEG-21 resources. The framework structure relates to the relationships between digital object parts, such as metadata and resources.

Users interacting with the MPEG-21 schematics or MPEG-21 digital items include organizations like the government, businesses and individuals. Publishing rights, which are interrelated and vary in type, may be assumed through the MPEG-21 infrastructure.


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