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Record Layout

What Does Record Layout Mean?

Record layout is a general term for how a record is laid out or displayed in a given system. This kind of layout can be applied to spreadsheet or database records, or different kinds of data sets and presentations in various technologies.


Techopedia Explains Record Layout

Many types of record layout can be associated with the visual display of a database record. From the beginning of database technologies, developers and users have often created visual charts or other tools to show a record layout and how various pieces of data are stored together or displayed together.

In some cases, a record layout defines a sequence or order of data items. In other cases, it’s a kind of visual resource, where data tables can be drawn in order to show users how data is presented.

For example, teams working on a corporate data warehouse design or process may use a record layout to show how various types of customer and business data are aggregated, how they are combined and stored, and how they are utilized by technologies that access the data warehouse. In these cases, a data record layout can be presented either in a technical, minimal way, or dressed up in various types of visual presentations, such as a set of PowerPoint slides, to make the processes of the data warehouse more transparent to a lay audience.


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