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What Does Retrocomputing Mean?

The practice of retrocomputing involves buying or working
with old and obsolete technologies. People describe it as the use of old
computer hardware and software in a time when much newer and more advanced
hardware and software is available. Retrocomputing is often a hobby, but is
sometimes also done for preservation and curation purposes.


Techopedia Explains Retrocomputing

One example of retrocomputing is the collection and use of obsolete or outdated personal computer systems. Computer systems such as the Apple IIe, which has not been commonly used for several decades, command big prices on the open market, as do other types of older computers. Some types of retrocomputing are done partly to impress the average user – for example, the keeping of older personal computer or mainframe systems using extremely large hardware pieces for small-time memory operations.

Many retrocomputing projects involve maintaining resources about older computer systems for posterity. The Retrocomputing Museum is one example where IT experts maintain resources on older technologies and software systems.


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