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Rich Media

What Does Rich Media Mean?

The term rich media refers to a specific type of installations on the Web that are more functional and interactive. The core definition of rich media is that it is a Web page ad that contains video or interactive features.


Techopedia Explains Rich Media

One of the more common types of rich media is a video or graphic advertisement that changes according to mouseover events or mouse clicks. As the user navigates the ad, it moves, expands or presents different display options. For example, a small banner ad that enlarges on mouseover would be an example of rich media. So would a video that responds to mouse controls. Rich media resources use specific Web technologies like Flash or Java applets, along with advanced HTML 5. Another example of rich media would be an interactive graphic that also captures information about the user. For example, a graphic advertisement may include a Web form submission, where the user can type in data to be collected and used by the business later.

The general concept of rich media is that websites can be an interactive experience rather than a flat text and image display. There are many ways to accommodate this, all based on a particular set of languages and coding conventions that merge Web technology with computer programming.


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