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Secondary Cache

What Does Secondary Cache Mean?

A secondary cache is a type of cache memory that is deployed and installed external to the primary or processor cache. It is a fast data storage and access memory that works in addition to the primary cache.


Secondary cache is also known as external cache.

Techopedia Explains Secondary Cache

Secondary cache is mainly used to store and access data and programs that are accessed less frequently than the data stored in primary cache. Although secondary cache has more space than primary cache, it has a slower speed. It generally stores data that is about to be accessed by the processor.

Secondary cache can appear in several forms, including:

  • Disk Cache: A space reserved on the hard disk to be used as disk cache
  • Memory Cache: Separate portion or integrated component of random access memory (RAM) that provides faster data access than RAM itself
  • Standalone Cache: Integrated directly onto the motherboard

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