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3-D Software

What Does 3-D Software Mean?

3-D software is a type of computer graphics software that enables the design, development and production of 3-D graphics and animations. 3-D software allows users to visualize, design and control an object, environment or any graphical element within a three-dimensional scope. 3-D software includes computer-aided design (CAD) programs and animation packages.


Techopedia Explains 3-D Software

3-D software mainly works on the mathematical concept of geometry, where each designed element is mapped into three different axes: X for breadth, Y for length and Z for depth. 3-D software works by providing users with a different set of functions to design and develop a 3-D image or animation. These include modeling the image or object, layout, animation and rendering service. The designed element can be viewed or executed on most modern computers, mobile devices and operating systems; however, some might require special third-party or vendor software, hardware or a combination to be viewable.


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