Site Survey

What Does Site Survey Mean?

A site survey is the examination of a location or spot in order to obtain data or information. This information includes feasibility reporting and estimation of cost and the time required to perform a certain task. A site survey consists of different techniques and factors, depending on what type of plan needs to be executed on the location.


Techopedia Explains Site Survey

One of the most important tasks before initiating the practical work of a project is to survey the site on which the task is intended. This not only provides insight to the project manager, but also can save a lot of trouble and potential dangers to the task. With the use of technology, many hazards involved can be reduced in the planning stage of the project. Typically, a site survey involves a series of visits to the site and numerous aspects are kept in perspective while doing so.

Site surveys are common with large-scale technology projects, such as installing a new network or upgrading an old one.


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