What Does Character Mean?

In computer science, a character is a display unit of information equivalent to one alphabetic letter or symbol. This relies on the general definition of a character as a single unit of written speech.


Character can also be abbreviated as “chr” or “char.”

Techopedia Explains Character

It is important to distinguish that a character in computer science is not equal to one bit of machine language. Instead, individual characters are represented by segments of compiled machine language. A universal system for characters has been developed called ASCII. Individual ASCII characters require one byte, or eight bits, of data storage.

The character also plays a critical role in computer programming, where it may be represented in code languages as “chr” or “char.” A character is one single unit of a text or character string, where the individual characters and the entire string are manipulated in various ways by code functions and displayed in object-oriented programming (OOP) through controls such as text boxes and drop-down lists. In other words, the character in computer programming is an essential category of variable or constant that is defined and dealt with in code.


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